Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Too Small To Ignore Book Review (cross post)

In January I was asked to write a book review for Bridgeway Homeschool Academy. They were looking for someone who had experience with child advocacy and who knew of a good book about helping impoverished children. As a long time trained Advocate for Compassion International, I fit the first qualification. With my love of Wes Staffords books, the second was filled the moment I told my supervisor about it. Here is the review, which was sent to parents in a February newsletter.

Children are the smallest and most vulnerable of humanity. They have no control over their circumstances and have little knowledge about the world around them. In developing nations, their situation can be quite desperate. In developed worlds, they are often the most neglected among those who serve. They are our future and yet so little is being done for them! Too Small To Ignore is one of the most well written books about children on both sides of the poverty line. It is written in a way that will leave you hungry to help and shows you ways to do so.
The author, Wes Stafford, was born to missionary parents. Most of his early life was spent in the Ivory Coast, where he learned how to deal with death. Every year many of his playmates died, most from preventable causes. It had a strong impact on the small boy, yet he thrived in the environment. When it came time to start school, Wes and his sister were sent to a boarding school that was said to be much safer than living in the untamed mission frontier. This was not to be the case. Those who were sent to teach and protect them, did the exact opposite. Wes had to survive in a world just as harsh as the one where his parents lived. However, he learned to stand up for himself and the other children affected. He came out of the situation with a strong sense of responsibility for the “least of these.”
  Wes' vivid language and descriptions brings out the plight not only of extreme poverty but of children in the developed world too. His heart is on his sleeve as he describes how his past affected the future of millions of children.
Too Small To Ignore chronicles how Wes Staffords' determination to help the young led him to Compassion International. This child advocacy organization has blossomed under his intense desire. The idea of one small child influencing an entire community becomes reality daily through the actions of Compassion. Wes, with his big heart, tender smile and eyes prone to tears, has influenced churches, youth facilities, businesses and families around the globe. As the reader will learn, he is an advocate in the truest sense. In his words “Children are the next big thing!” In the pages you will see how very true this is and your life will never be the same, I promise.

Too Small to Ignore can be found on TooSmallToIgnore.com, Amazon.com Compassion.com and other online sites. 
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