Saturday, July 14, 2012

Blessings on the Road (Part 2)...

Continuing with Ann Voskamps' "Joy Dare" and me combining it along with the blog, here is part 2 of our road trip.

June 25th: seeing nearly 300 miles of semi-arid Colorado during our map malfunction. Not saying all the negative when I wanted to. Having lunch at the Cracker Barrel using the gift card from my parents. Seeing prairie dogs. Making the smart decision to not stay in a campground, because fire seemed to be everywhere. finding an incredibly nice hotel that didn't cost too much. Finding a "replacement purse" for the one I had safety pinned together. Glow-in-the-dark mini golf! Still keeping with the low food budget.

June 26th: Despite the smoke, choosing to go to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Seeing wolves at feeding time. Watching a bear scratch his back on a tree. The friendly gentlemen who ran the golf cart for less – then – abled people. Visiting Compassion Internationals headquarters! Finding a new book while at Compassion Internationals' store. Gaining a greater understanding of the amazing work they do. Lunch at Panera. Having the common sense to leave Colorado Springs when the wind picked up and the fires got out of control. Making it out of Colorado Springs, just hours before the highway was closed. Finding a campground up in Black Hawk. Experiencing a microburst (giggle.) Taking Owen to his first casino.

June 27th: Surviving a night where creepy critters were all around our cabin - or in our cabin. Having good weather as we headed out of Colorado. The car not breaking down in the incredible heat of Kansas. Seeing Wakeeny, Kansas again, even if my favorite spots were closed for the night. Making it all the way to Hays, Kansas. A peaceful nights sleep.

June 28th: Making great time to Topeka, Kansas and seeing uncle Walt and cousin Bill. Meeting Sleepy - the labaroo, and Ginger. Getting some dog cuddle time. Catching up with family. Listening to Walt's stories when I started showing him old pictures. Identifying more people from those pictures. Having an excellent Chinese dinner. Getting the car organized for the final leg of our trip.

June 29th: Getting an early start for Ohio. Being able to stop at Stonehill Winery and stocking up on my favorite wines. Having dad called while we were there, and us being able to bring two cases home for him. Having the nasty storm (later producing the Derecho) in front of us the whole time. Seeing my old teacher, Mr. Carl, for the first time in 14 years. Having the best white pizza in the world. Hours spent catching up with this amazing man. An amazing nights rest.

June 30th: Having the most amazing cinnamon bread for breakfast. Talking with Mr. Carl and his daughter Katie. The prayer Mr. Carl said over us before we left. Visiting the Air Force Museum in Dayton. Having an electric scooter available when my hip said "enough is enough." Being able to drive all the way to my parents house before sunset. Surviving having my brother, his wife, their three dogs, my two dogs, my parents, and us all in the same house and with the power only being on half the time. The greeting from Sadie one we got in the door ( I love that retriever.) Having a chance to share stories before we all rested.

July 1st: Going to church with mom and dad. Everything, including the dogs, fitting in the car for the trip home. The Internet at McDonald's being available for me to turn in my Bridgeway application project. No branches, or power outages blocking our way. Making it safely to our house, and being greeted by my cockatiels. Being able to unpack the car before passing out.

There were so many blessings in such a short time. Despite some difficulties, we had an amazing trip. There were many memories made. That was very important to me, as Colorado used to be filled with so much negative. I can now think about it and smile, remembering the wonderful things we did this summer.

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