Saturday, June 30, 2018

On Jamyson Davies

Where did he come from? Why emerald eyes? Who is he really?

Where there is Harlie Berryman, there is also Jamyson Davies, that much has been made clear in both novels. From the first moments he learned about her in the refugee camp (from young Jack) James has zeroed in on Harlie. At first, it was to observe, then rescue, then train, and finally befriend her. The development of their deepening relationship is more evidence of how James is focused on her... perhaps a little too much at times.

Who is he really? He does indeed come from one of the small waterside villages in Wales and grew up with Rick as his best friend. The stories Harlie is told about his past are pretty close to reality. However, the "Commander" of the Welsh bunker has a lot on his mind and a lot of secrets to keep. He also needs to make sure his team stays in top form, as the continuation of humanity is at risk... something only he, The General, Rick, and now Harlie know. He is a very complex character who reacts in a quiet but very targeted way. At times, he can seem almost to change personas when dealing with particular situations, usually due to the secrets he must keep. But as to who he really is? You need to read "Sunrise to Shadows" for that. It's probably not what you think he is...

Where did the idea of James come from? He came up with himself, really. At first, James was always in the shadows of my dreams. I could sense what he was saying but could only see his emerald green eyes. I'm not sure why they were emerald green and have spent time reflecting on it - with no real conclusions. As the dreams progressed, I started to be able to see him, but still could only sense his words. It ended up being just last year before I actually heard his voice, and oh did I hear it quite clearly! I could listen to that Welsh accent all day. By the way, that scene made it into novel 3 for sure.

What is in store for him? If you read "Sunrise to Shadows" you know there are consequences for pushing ones enhanced abilities too far too many times. Some of those consequences will linger in Book 3 and cause some drama. The trio is in a tough situation to begin with, and Harlie has to put her foot down. Just like with her, James is a bit broken at the start, and it is taking more effort than anticipated for me to get him back up to where he needs to be. I hate writing this part of the novel. It is almost painful to write, but the end result is going to be beautiful... or so I hope.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

On Harlie Anwyn Berryman

Harlie Anwyn Berryman... spy... diplomat...mother hen to those she cares about...the Spitfire in a trio who have many secrets to keep. Who is she? Where did she come from? How is she continuing to develop? What is in her future? These are all very good questions and ones I've been asked repeatedly. So, today I'm going to attempt to answer them.

Who is she? Harlie is the main character in the Midnight Sentinels (Midnight to Morning) series. She starts out with a different name, and her past is full of trouble. She couldn't keep a teaching job because she could tell when her principal was lying. While it was easy to make friends, it was harder to keep them because of the same thing. She could tell when something was off and she wouldn't tolerate someone lying. But then tragedy struck when the US was hit with multiple nuclear bombs and dozens of secondary attacks. The novel starts with her as a shadow of a human being stuck in a squalid refugee camp. However, after her amazing rescue and recovery, Harlie is born, and what an impact she makes upon that rebirth. Her entire first year and a half of life is a testament to hard work, determination, learning when to stand up and learning when to be quiet. It is also a lesson in learning to trust and learn the various ways a person can love.

Where did she come from? My dreams and daydreams. All of the books come out of a series of dreams I've had and keep having. She is very vivid in these dreams. I can see and hear her very clearly every single time.  I can close my eyes and a scene from the novels will show up, with Harlie and sometimes James and Rick present. I can get into her mind, hear her thoughts, feel the pressure she is under, and sense her emotions just as clearly as if they were my own. Yes, there is part of me inside of her. We have similar pasts and some of the same behavior trends, but she is epic compared to myself. Harlie is so strong and resilient... or at least she was.

How, after six years of writing, is she continuing to develop? It is because of those dreams. They've never stopped. Book 3 has her broken down - more than she'd like to admit. The stubborn set to her jaw is locked into place when it comes to some things, but she's wincing and flinching and wanting to hide. That isn't like her, and I'm trying to figure out why she isn't bouncing back, why she isn't as resilient, and what it would take to bring her back up. James and Rick help out, their actions and thoughts whispering to me, showing what part they are playing in both the mess she has become and how she is working to overcome.

What is in her future? James and Rick are in her future. The three of them cannot seem to function without the others present in some form. The life they are trying to carve out in between missions can be complex at times, but it is an absolutely beautiful thing to watch, even in the most difficult circumstances. Harlie learning to lead is also in her future. Book 3 has her in a sink or swim situation and she's working wounded. However, the support James and Rick provide her and how she supports them will bring all of them around... eventually.