Monday, April 23, 2012

On Pushing Forward

     There has been progress made on all fronts in these past few weeks. The biggest being that I finally had time to spend a handful of hours in Winchester, following up on leads from earlier in the year and ones my brother had sent me. The outcome was a few good sales and an author event being set up for May 26th! It will be at the Winchester Book Gallery and details are on the novels Facebook page. I am still trying to sneak in time for more online promotions as well.
     This post is being written as I munch on fresh-from-the-dehydrator kale chips. Soon there will be swiss chard harvested and the late April crops being planted. The bizarre weather we've been having has made it hard to transition the indoor-start plants into the raised beds and a few other crops are a week or so behind as well.  I love being able to grow so much of our own food and it does my heart good when the grocery bill gets lower and lower as we preserve what is harvested for later use.
    Time seems to fly when I'm outside. Bending over those now-not-so-small plants, pulling weeds from around them, prepping the other beds for later use and monitoring the progress puts me in such a relaxed state. I take my MP3 player and the ever faithful Hobo-dog (who must guard me at all times, according to him) out with me. Sometimes the music isn't even turned on though, as I am captivated by the sounds of the hawks calling or squirrels chasing each other. The butterflies flying around the flowers along with the sunlight shining down soothes anything that may be upsetting me. It is a time of healing.
    We have some answers as to what is progressing with my connective-tissue disorder and changed treatment around a bit. There was an utter failure with one medication as I broke out into massive bruises within days, but the other stuff is working and the new back brace is an amazing help. With less pain, it means I'm able to get more accomplished during the day and lately even into the evenings! My speech is still a bother, but that will wait until another time to be dealt with.
    Entertaining at our house will be happening soon, that much I promise. After three years of hoping and saving, the floors are finally purchased and half have been installed. After being on sub-flooring for so long, I am all smiles when walking into the house. It is really becoming something to be proud of. Before then, the garden was the only thing on the property worth smiling about.
    More will be coming as I get another spare moment. I want to share something very important to me with all of you, but that will be another time and post.

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